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Periodontics & Implant Center

Your trusted destination for dental implants, gum disease treatment, and more. Located in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Expert Periodontics Dedicated to Your Oral Health

Comprehensive periodontal care tailored to your dental needs 

Bonomo Periodontics is your stress-free dental implant and gum disease treatment center in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Bonomo is an expert periodontist dedicated to improving your oral health with services like teeth in a day, surgical extraction, non-surgical oral health procedures, and more! 

The friendly staff at Bonomo Periodontics understands that oral health care can be a stressful or anxiety-inducing experience. That is why the Bonomo Periodontics experience revolves around you, your story, your dental needs, and your comfort. Our office is a calm and nurturing environment designed to help you reclaim your oral health and feel empowered by your new smile.  

Discover the difference Bonomo comprehensive periodontal care can make in your life and put your oral health first by contacting Dr. Bonomo today! 

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Teeth-In-a-Day from Bonomo Periodontics

Name: Ian S.

Procedure: Dental Implants

Ian is one of the dozens of satisfied Dayton and Cincinnati dental implant success stories, enjoying his new teeth through Bonomo’s teeth-in-a-day procedure. Patients, like Ian, benefit from exceptional teeth-in-a-day procedures and dental implants, which offer an excellent alternative to dentures. With improved comfort, enhanced chewing capability, and better dental health, Ian's smile has been completely transformed. Dr. Bonomo's expertise ensures that every patient receives the best-in-class oral health care, allowing their confidence to shine through with every smile. 


I was recommended by my doctor in Middletown that he was the best for implants...I had all my top bridge done...I lost my anchor teeth so they put new anchors in...dentures would not work for me...Everybody was very professional. I've been to a lot of dentists in my life...I felt very comfortable coming to have the implants done here...I was very happy to have this done. 


I've been coming here since 2011...I have 5 implants now and they are just like my natural teeth. ...the staff has been awesome to me! When I'm nervous, they make me feel comfortable. They give me great care and I feel right at home.


I met Dr. Bonomo when he came to the radio station as a potential radio client...the first time that I met him, he was so warm, he was so friendly, he was down to earth...I feel like I am getting a handle on one of the most important things to me, which is my smile. I think my teeth are in better condition than they have been in a really long time...I feel good about the idea that he's helping me to literally save my smile.


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