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Men's Health: Awareness of Oral Health

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Men’s Health: Awareness of Oral Health

Jun 17, 2024
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June is Men's Health Month and that means it's time for men everywhere to get regular medical check-ups. One of the most overlooked areas is gum health. As we age, our gum health often declines. This can cause pain, tooth decay, or even gum and bone loss. Despite this, very few people pursue treatment for their gum health. 

It's important for men to prioritize their oral health, including regular visits to the periodontist. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a common issue that can have serious consequences if left untreated. Symptoms of gum disease include swollen, red, or bleeding gums, bad breath, and loose teeth. Treatments for periodontic issues include common procedures like scaling and root planing, gingivectomy, biopsies or even installing a new set of teeth. 

Regular periodontal check-ups can help catch gum disease early and prevent it from progressing. In this post, we will discuss why oral health for men is so important, and what regular screenings men should get to maintain their oral health.  

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June is Men’s Health Month 

June is recognized as Men’s Health Month in the United States, aiming to bring awareness and encourage men to prioritize their overall well-being. This annual observance calls attention to the various health concerns that affect men disproportionately and promote preventive measures and early detection of diseases. 

One crucial aspect of men's health often overlooked: oral health. While oral health issues can affect people of all ages, men are particularly susceptible. Neglecting oral hygiene and failing to get timely treatment for gum issues can lead to more severe problems like tooth loss and even contribute to various health conditions, including cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, prostate cancer, and diabetes. 

Regular periodontal check-ups, maintaining oral hygiene, and seeking treatment for gum health issues are vital to avoid these complications. Practicing proper oral care, such as brushing twice a day, flossing, and using mouthwash, can help prevent oral health issues like gum diseases. 
Learn more about gum disease here! 

Men’s Health Month in June serves as a reminder for men to prioritize their health. By focusing on preventive measures and seeking treatment for various health concerns, including gum health, men can lead healthier and longer lives. Next, let's look at some oral health issues that men should be screened for this June. 

Oral Health Issues That Men Should Screen For 

Oral health is essential for overall well-being, and men, in particular, need to be aware of the oral health issues they should be screening for. Regular dental and periodontal check-ups play a crucial role in preventing and promptly identifying various oral diseases. These check-ups enable dentists to detect potential issues early on, reducing the risk of complications and ensuring timely treatment. 

Men are susceptible to numerous oral health problems, including:

 - Gum Disease 
 - Cavities 
 - Oral Cancer 
 - Tooth Loss 

Certain risk factors increase the likelihood of developing these conditions, such as tobacco and alcohol use, poor oral hygiene, a diet high in sugary snacks and drinks, and hormonal changes. 

To maintain optimal oral health, men should undergo screenings for oral cancer regularly. Early detection of oral cancer significantly increases the chances of successful treatment and survival. In addition, periodontal evaluations are crucial for identifying and addressing gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss if left untreated. 

Men must prioritize regular periodontal check-ups to screen for potential oral health issues, especially if they are prone to oral health issues. By undergoing oral cancer screenings and periodontal evaluations, individuals can identify any problems early on, receive timely treatment, and reduce the risk of complications. Taking preventive measures and seeking professional dental care enhance overall oral health and contribute to a healthier lifestyle. 

Protect Your Oral Health with Bonomo Periodontics

Oral health is one of the most important areas of human health and it often goes overlooked. Oral health helps with eating and speaking, helps us uphold our appearance, and greatly contributes to comfort. A yearly check-up with your periodontist can help ensure your gums and facial bones are strong and healthy and can also save you a great deal of pain and medical complications down the line. 

Dr. Bonomo is here to help with all your oral health and periodontics needs. As Cincinnati's top periodontist, he understands the importance of healthy gums, and he can help with everything from regular gum cleanings to teeth-in-a-day procedures. 
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