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Karen Venetian's Teeth in a Day Success Story

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Karen Venetian’s Periodontal Success Story

Jan 22, 2024
Karen Venetian’s Periodontal Success Story

Today we will be hearing Karen Venetian's story about her experiences with oral health. Karen is a long-time patient of Dr. Bonomo’s and a great example of the work our team does every day.  

Karen has had many procedures completed through the years with Dr. Bonomo, and the results could not have been better. Karen is a longtime patient and is so pleased with the results. She is excited to share her story with you. 

Karen Venetian’s Bonomo Periodontics Story 

The following is a transcription of a brief testimonial from one of our valued patients, Karen Venetian. 

My name is Karen Venetian and I have been coming to Dr. Bonomo since 2007. I needed my gums looked at, they were receding, and I approached my dentist and said, “I need to do something about this.” 

And it was my dentist that recommended Dr. Bonomo because I said if you won't send your wife to someone to do this, then I don't want to go. He had to do my first tooth extraction. I was just scared to death not to get it extracted. I've always been raised with; you keep what God gave you and you don't lose them. 

So, I was very upset that I had to have it pulled. And he [Dr. Bonomo] very nicely said to me, “It's a wisdom tooth, it's okay!”

When you have dental health issues, I don't want to lose [my teeth], so my job and Dr. Bonomo's job, is what I keep telling him, is to keep what I have. 

I work really hard doing exactly what they tell me to do to keep what I have. I don't want to lose it. And I chose implants because the teeth that needed to be replaced weren't that good. And the teeth that I still have are great. So, I want to keep what I've got.

I think you're always scared when you walk into the dentist's office because you really don't know how bad it's going to be or how bad it is or what they're going to do because this periodontist was all brand new to me. I'd never had anything like this done before.  

And it was so reassuring because he was just very calm, cool, collected. And I think what I liked the most was once I had the treatments done and did exactly what they told me to do, I didn't have any problems. Anything after that was just, “Okay, let's address it, let's do it, let's get it done.”

For each procedure, I felt very comfortable because I had confidence in Dr. Bonomo. I knew that he was good. I knew that he would do exactly what I needed to have done.

I mean, it just made me feel like, okay, I got this, I got you, and we're going to get through this. It's going to be just fine. And for everything that he's ever done for me, that's exactly what's happened. 

What I like about working with the staff is I'm not afraid to ask questions, so I really feel like it's a total team effort. Which I really like because, like I said, my goal is to keep the teeth in my mouth. 

Is There any Pain at all when you're Coming here or Discomfort?  

No, no, that's the beauty. I mean, even when he's done, they like the work for the implants and things like that. Yeah, your first day is like, okay, but usually by the second day, it's manageable to the point where I'm like, “Okay, I can deal with this.” 

I have recommended Dr. Bonomo. And I think when you've got confidence in somebody like that and your results have been really good, you don't mind recommending them because you know they're going to have the same outcome.  

I like the easy feeling here. I don't feel uncomfortable. I don't feel panicky when I come here at all. I think that the staff is absolutely wonderful. I like the fact that I very seldom have to wait, because I'm one of those people that like to get things done. 

And I think it just adds to my anxiety. If I don't get in and get it done quick enough. I just love everything about it. I feel very comfortable. And then Dr. Bonomo always comes in. Because he's done so many things for me, for a few minutes he just admires it all. Which is great because he knows that the work he does is good, and it shows. All the teeth in my mouth and the front of my mouth are all mine. So, I am really proud of that.  

Oral Care You Need from Bonomo Periodontics 

Thank you, Karen Venetian, for sharing your story! We hope Karen’s testimonial inspired you and gave you a better understanding of what periodontal care is like with Bonomo Periodontics.  

Be sure to check back for more testimonials!

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