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Explaining 3D Scans at the Periodontist's Office

If you are visiting the periodontist about gum or oral health concerns, then your doctor may recommend that you undergo a 3D scan or 3D image procedure so they can get a better understanding of the in...

Bone Grafting in Periodontics

Bone loss, tooth loss, or other medical ailments can result in patients being ineligible for certain procedures or surgeries. This can be a serious problem, especially in cases where surgical work is ...

Karen Venetian’s Periodontal Success Story

Today we will be hearing Karen Venetian's story about her experiences with oral health. Karen is a long-time patient of Dr. Bonomo’s and a great example of the work our team does every day.  

Karen h...

Dental exam. The text reads, "How Often Should I Have a Dental Exam and Cleaning if I Have Gingivitis?"

The regularity of appointments is decided by a number of factors, including the severity of your gingivitis, your risk level, your doctor's preferences, and other contributing factors.

If you are not s...

A woman having a dental exam. The text reads, "How Can I Tell If I Have Gingivitis or Periodontitis (Gum Disease)?"

Proper gum health is extremely important for your long-term oral health. Plaque, bacteria, and other contaminants can harm your mouth and lead to negative effects such as tooth loss or bone loss. 


A man smiling. The text reads, "What are Dental Implants and Permanent Teeth Replacement?".

Dental implants are a surgical procedure to replace missing teeth with artificial tooth roots made of titanium or other materials. They are designed to mimic the natural tooth root, with a metal post ...

A woman smiling. The text reads, "Teresa Hornbach's Periodontal Success Story"

Today we will be sitting down with Teresa Hornbach, a patient who has been with us for many years. Teresa chose to have the Teeth in a Day procedure with Dr. Bonomo, which is a procedure where the ori...

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