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Kent Goforth's Top Bridge Periodontal Success Story

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Kent Goforth’s Implant Supported Denture Success Story

Feb 19, 2024
Kent Goforth’s Implant Supported Denture Success Story

Kent Goforth is one of our favorite success stories from recent years. He came to see us with some significant issues with his upper denture and was looking at having his top teeth replaced with an implant-supported denture. Kent was using dentures, but his tooth loss was contributing to a comparatively lower quality of life, and he was ready for a change.  

Kent came to Dr. Bonomo for the Teeth in a Day procedure, a procedure where the original teeth are removed, and artificial teeth are implanted in their place. In Kent’s case, we only replaced the top teeth.   

When we were finished, Kent was so pleased with the results. When we asked him to share his story, he was excited to make his voice heard.  

In this post, we will hear Kent’s story, including why he chose to pursue the Teeth in a Day procedure and how his new teeth have changed his life.  


Live Life Smiling with Bonomo Periodontics 


“My name is Kent Goforth and I was recommended by my doctor in Middletown that he [Dr. Bonomo] was the best for implants and I did like that you came out with teeth right away. Some of the ones [other procedures] you do not.  I understood they must heal up before they can do anything. That was a real plus for me. I wanted to get it over with and get some teeth back in my head.  

I had implants done, every one of them. I lost my anchor teeth, and so they had to put new anchors in.  

My doctor, McClain in Middletown, was the one who looked at me and said, “You're going to have to have implants done.” Dentures were not working for me, I carried them in a plastic bag. 

When I came to Bonomo Periodontics everybody was very professional. I've been to a lot of dentists in my life. Choosing a periodontist was easy, [the decision] wasn’t something that bothered me. Everybody in the office was real professional. I felt very comfortable coming to have the implants done here.  

It was very, very comforting the way they went through everything with me. From the beginning to what's going to happen at the end, was reviewed. So, I was very comfortable with it and everybody that I met with here. They went through the x-rays, it was very professional, and everything was very easily done. 

It just makes all the difference, without any teeth on the top, you just don't have the features you normally do. I was very happy to have this done.  It made a big difference in eating, that sort of thing.  


Why Would You Recommend Bonomo Periodontics? 


I would think from the experience alone, I have told many people. As a matter of fact, one of the guys in my band, when we had our party last weekend, said that he was having some problems and I told him [about Dr. Bonomo].  He had seen me the year before without having implants, so I told him to come and see the doctor. 

When I had the dentures, it was pretty much soup, anything soft that you didn't have to chew. Even a hot dog or something that you'd like to have, I could not. It was a big change from the dentures to having the implants in. [I can now] eat a steak, anything like that, and chew it up for a change. 

I would just suggest that if anybody has a problem and they just worry about it all the time come and have the procedure done. Once you're finished with it, it's pretty much done. I have had no problem since and, of course, you never know in these days, but I had no problems whatsoever and it was just great to get teeth back in my head.” 


Superior Periodontal Care from Bonomo Periodontics 


Thank you so much, Kent, for sharing your story! We hope that Kent’s experience helped inspire you to think about the impact of dental implants and how they can positively change your life.

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